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Task List Guru 4.0170

Task List Guru 4.0170: Freeware task list organizer. Free to do list app for Windows with reminder etc. Freeware task list organizer: Organize your tasks and notes in one place. Task List Guru is a portable to do list program ideal for personal use and small project management. It has inbuilt reminder support, hierarchical todo list tree with icons, clipboard support, undo/redo, print, export and many other features. You can also create your custom priorities and task type. This task list management software can also be copied to USB flash disk.

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Text List 1.2.9

list. By this program you can create and manage a todo list, a list of keywords, email addresses etc. Save the created list and give it to others for view, correction. Also it is convenient to make a list of words or phrases separated by a comma, by a semicolon or by whatever you want. There are also tools to generate file lists, numeric lists, perform list operations. In all cases you deal with a text list, a phrase list or just a word list this

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ccToDo 1.1: to-do list Cloud-sync`d, productivity-boosting stress-busting
ccToDo 1.1

list • Assign tasks to others, whether ccToDo users or not • Automatic follow-up task created to check on delegated tasks • Re-date tasks according to workload or urgency • Strike completed tasks off your list • End the day with an empty list and a clear head • Use offline, automatically synchronises when back online Put ccToDo on your Windows PC for free. Then synchronise your life by downloading ccToDo for your iPhone, iPad or iPod

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FruitfulTime TaskManager 2.5: FruitfulTime TaskManager is the best Windows based todo list management software
FruitfulTime TaskManager 2.5

FruitfulTime TaskManager is the best Windows based todo list management software. FruitfulTime TaskManager helps you clear your mind to focus on your tasks and get things done. It is ideal for students, house moms, self employed, and businesses.

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TodoPlus for Window (to-do list) 1.530: Free to-do list software. Organize large to-do lists the easy way.
TodoPlus for Window (to-do list) 1.530

list software. Organize large to-do lists the easy way. Focus on your most important tasks first. Reduce time spend on unimportant tasks. Stay focused on one task at a time. Always know what to do next. Achieve more in less time by being more productive. Key Features: 1. Easy to use - TodoPlus is designed with productivity and simplicity in mind. It is fast to add and organize many tasks. 2. Filters - Focus on your most important tasks using filtering

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DesktopTodo 2.1.1: Advanced todo list manager for windows desktop, sync with toodledo
DesktopTodo 2.1.1

Todo looks great on your Windows and with large array of built-in themes you can make it suit your style and mood. It is also very customizable. You can make it look minimalistic and focused or fully show everything according to your needs. Get a high level view of all your task and commitments. DesktopTodo enable you to stay on top of your tasks all the time by giving you views of your task beyond the lists and grids. Your task can be laid out and

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Get em Done ToDo 1.2.2: To-do list software that only takes a few minutes to start using. Less is more!
Get em Done ToDo 1.2.2

Get `em Done is the todo list software for anyone who doesn`t want to spend all day just learning how to use an organizer. Unlike other programs that force you to learn a "system" for organizing your life, Get `em Done focuses on what matters: your task list. There is no fancy life-altering organizational philosophy behind Get `em Done. If you want to spend your time completing your tasks instead of organizing them, Get `em Done is for you.

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